Domo Arigato…

… Mr. Roboto”

Ask and you shall receive. A few friends asked me to find pictures of my infamous childhood Halloween costumes, so when I next saw my dad, I asked if he had any documentation of our awesomeness (him for the creations, me for actually wearing the costumes). It turns out he does!

In case you do not get the reference, please check this previous post. It helps these pictures make a bit more sense.

With that said… Behold! The most awesomely dysfunctional Halloween costumes of all time:

Behold! The ten-minute costume: My brother as a the dapper ghost (subtle floral print not visible)

I forgot about this one. Wow! Not to get picky, but wasn't Superman's "S" red with a yellow outline? I'm pretty sure he didn't have powder blue underwear... and black tights? Another great example of working with what you got.

Question: "What are you going to be for Halloween?" Answer: "Oh, you know, a demonic robot bodybuilder."

"Call me."

First, let's state the semi-obvious: my brother is an escaped convict. Second, it should be noted that I am rocking the old school Jordans. Next, we must ask ourselves, why is my head on backwards? But the real question we must ask here is, why am I dressed up like a clansman from outer-space?

Yup, those were my costumes.


One response to “Domo Arigato…

  1. Seriously – those are incredible costumes. Beautiful. Love it!

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